Wednesday, August 26, 2009

{Studio G fun!}

Yes, I am in a Christmas mood! It is the tail end of winter down under. Have I mentioned that this is our last winter down under? Winter is my least favorite time of year, unless Christmas is involved! Any way, back to the task a hand! I made this candy dish for a friend. I used Studio G stamps on the tag. This project only used 1 piece of card stock and three sheets of pp! I hope to get a few more of these made for the upcoming craft fair!


Michelle said...

So if it's winter now...what kinda weather do you have at Christmas time...summer?? And you're moving....where? - - back to the US? :)
I love PINK for Christmas....I want to do non-traditional colors for some of my Christmas cards.....; cute cute!

Cheryl Walker said...

WOW this is sooo pretty!!! I love how it has PINK in it toooo for Christmas!!! Your winter is just ending???? That is different, and I dont blame you winter I can wait Hope you have a wonderful week hun!!

Maria Jesus said...

Hi Jamie

very nice, i like winter lol

have a good weekend