Thursday, January 8, 2009

{Update: The holidays are over!}

Kaylee finished Kindy on the 19th of December. Then Christmas rolled around, we had a fun time and Santa left Kaylee a lot of fun toys. She got what she has always wanted, a Nintendo DS. For New Years we rang it in with some great friends with our weekly game night. We are now hooked on board games. Why do I always have to get the sports question about baseball??? Yes, the girls usually lose Trivial Persuit due to baseball questions! LOL! On Lucas' birthday we went to a Spanish inspired restaurant called Legends in Manuka and saw 'Yes Man' with Jim Carrey. FUNNY! Many of you have known we only have one car due to Lucas' van blowing up, not literally, but it would have made me feel better if there were flames and smoke... LOL! So we went out and bout a beater with ac, not sure if the heater works, it has been too hot here to check. So now again I have free time to scrap! I made 34 cards last week and I will begin posting them here. In two weeks Lucas' sister and family arrives from the US, so I won't have much time to update until February when school starts back up.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. And here come the cards! :)

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